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Religious activities

a) General license. Persons subject to U.S. jurisdiction, including religious organizations located in the United States and members and staff of such organizations, are authorized to engage in the travel-related transactions set forth in § 515.560(c) and such additional transactions as are directly incident to engaging in religious activities in Cuba, provided that the travel-related transactions pursuant to this authorization must be for the purpose of engaging, while in Cuba, in a full-time schedule of religious activities.

Note to § 515.566(a): Each person relying on the general authorization in this paragraph must retain specific records related to the authorized travel transactions. See §§ 501.601 and 501.602 of this chapter for applicable recordkeeping and reporting requirements.

(b) Financial and material donations to Cuba or Cuban nationals are not authorized by this section.

Note to § 515.566(b): See § 515.570 regarding authorized remittances to religious organizations in Cuba and for other purposes. See § 515.533 regarding the exportation of items from the United States to Cuba.

(c) Specific licenses. Specific licenses may be issued on a case-by-case basis authorizing the travel-related transactions set forth in § 515.560(c) and such other transactions as are related to religious activities that do not qualify for the general license under paragraph (a) of this section.

Note to § 515.566: Religious organizations engaging in activities authorized pursuant to this section are permitted to open and maintain accounts at Cuban financial institutions for the purpose of accessing funds in Cuba for transactions authorized pursuant to this section.

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