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Interplanner Services

  • Charter air transportation from the U.S. to various destinations in Cuba
  • Prepaid hotel accommodations at all major hotels
  • Meet and assist services at all airports in Cuba
  • Car, Vans a motorcoach rentals
  • Sighseeingexcursions
  • Customized meetings and academic exchanges in Education, Health, Religious, Agriculture, Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade, Communication, Transportation, Aviation, Culture, Justice, Tourism, Interior, Industry, Science & Technology, Radio & Television, Physical Education, National Assembly Popular Power, among many
  • Visits to schools, universities, hospitals and clinics
  • Tickets to cultural events, festivals, operas and ballet
  • People to people seminars at the University of Havana, Pinar del Rio, Matanzas, Santiago de Cuba, and many others
  • Exchanges and lectures at the CESEU, The Center for United States Studies at the University of Havana
  • Exchanges and lectures arranged all over Cuba by ICAP, Cuban Institute of Friendship
  • EducationalSeminars and ConventionServices
  • Visas and Consular Services
  • Private aircraft landing permits
  • Sports exchanges
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